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Why ParallelChain?

ParallelChain excels where most other blockchains stumble, and that is driving near instant transactions on its dual-blockchain ecosystem, its scalability, and network security.

Both blockchains that make up ParallelChain operate at a high transaction speed, with the public ParallelChain Mainnet operating at an average of 80,000 transactions per second, while the permissioned ParallelChain Enterprise operates at 130,000 transactions per second with a 3 millisecond finality.

This contributes to the ease of scalability for public decentralised applications and enterprise solutions alike, as both networks can help projects and companies scale up the amount of bandwidth needed especially during peak usage where on-chain activities such as NFT minting periods could easily clog up the network and raise transaction gas fees.

Moreover, heterogenous blockchains are unable to inter-communicate meaningfully due to their difference in architecture and consensus mechanism. With ParallelChain, the blockchain network achieves true native chain communication between permissioned and permissionless chains for deep level interoperability and allow enterprise users to tap into the decentralised space in a private, secure manner with Inter-ParallelChain Communication (IPC).

IPC essentially acts as the bridge that connects the enterprise chain to DeFi networks built on the ParallelChain Mainnet, and this enables decentralised applications (dApps) to work across both layers. By doing so, we create wider accessibility between communities that are traditionally isolated.