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ParallelChain F

What is ParallelChain Mainnet?

ParallelChain Mainnet is a breakthrough layer-1 smart contract platform with a unique delegated-proof-of-stake system designed to power an accountable, democratic, ever-growing blockchain ecosystem.

The purpose of this documentation is to provide a full explanation of our rust SDK and Client (pchain_client) for developers to write and run smart contracts on ParallelChain Mainnet. You can link to our Testnet 3 to and try out the features now.

Contact us

If you are interested in ParallelChain Mainnet, join our Official Telegram Group or Discord channel to reach out to us.

For sharing the smart contract code, address, or any help with creating smart contracts, please go to GitHub Discussions

If you have any issues related to the SDK or smart contract, please go to GitHub issues.

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