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What is ParallelChain

ParallelChain is a dual-blockchain ecosystem powered by two Layer-1 blockchain networks, ParallelChain Mainnet and ParallelChain Enterprise.

ParallelChain Mainnet is a Delegated Proof-of-Stake open-source platform that is suitable for building decentralised, web2 and web3-interoperable blockchain applications; and ParallelChain Enterprise is a business-native, permissioned blockchain that supports decentralised enterprise solutions that feature stronger privacy, scalability, and compliance features. The coupling of both blockchains in a permissioned-permissionless blockchain interoperability will bring Web2 and Web3 into a scalable, networked economy.

The continued development of ParallelChain is supported by the ParallelChain Foundation, an independent governance body based in Switzerland, and it is dedicated to increasing awareness and growing a strong builder community for ParallelChain.