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Cryptographic Functions

Cryptographic Function refers to cryptographic functions that are supported from execution runtime so that gas cost can be reduced by avoiding implementation inside a contract. Moreover, It helps in providing complicated calculations which are not feasible in the Wasmer environment (e.g. encryption, hashing).

In ParallelChain Mainnet SDK, precompiles are a set of functions that can be called directly. Please be noted that some functions are selected based on the popularity of the blockchain ecosystem, but are not necessary adopted in the implementation of the ParallelChain Mainnet node.

Function Description Gas Cost
sha256 SHA256 hash function 16 x length of the input
keccak256 Keccak-256 hash function 16 x length of the input
ripemd RIPEMD-160 hash function 16 x length of the input
verify_ed25519_signature Verification on ed25519 signature 1,400,000 + 16 x length of the input

The gas consumption is estimated by the compute costs for precompile functions used by developers to deploy smart contracts on ParallelChain Mainnet.

To use the functions, include the module crypto and then call the associate methods. For example,

use pchain_sdk::crypto;