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Querying Blockchain

pchain_client allows you to query different data from the ParallelChain, not just Transaction or Account related information, but also details of Validators and Stake Pool in ParallelChain network.

Use pchain_client query --help to check the full list available to query.

To check Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) information such as balance and nonce, your account address (public key) is always needed.


./pchain_client query balance --address <ADDRESS>
./pchain_client query nonce --address <ADDRESS>
./pchain_client.exe query balance --address <ADDRESS>
./pchain_client.exe query nonce --address <ADDRESS>

For Contract Account, you can use another command to download the contract code binary file (wasm).


./pchain_client query contract --address <ADDRESS>
./pchain_client.exe query contract --address <ADDRESS>

Get Transaction with Receipt

In Submit Transaction to ParallelChain section, after you successfully make transaction on ParallelChain, you should receive the transaction hash (tx_hash) in the response. This hash is the identity of your transaction. You can always retrieve the transaction details with receipt by the transaction hash.


./pchain_client query tx --hash <TX_HASH>
./pchain_client.exe query tx --hash <TX_HASH>

If you just want to get the receipt, you can use following command

./pchain_client query receipt --hash <TX_HASH>
./pchain_client.exe query receipt --hash <TX_HASH>

Get Deposit and Stake

You can query deposit or stake amount of an account from a specific pool stored in Network Account.


./pchain_client query deposit --operator <OPERATOR> --owner <OWNER>
./pchain_client query stake --operator <OPERATOR> --owner <OWNER>
./pchain_client.exe query deposit --operator <OPERATOR> --owner <OWNER>
./pchain_client.exe query stake --operator <OPERATOR> --owner <OWNER>