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Wallets mediate interactions between untrusted applications and users’ keys by requesting and getting user permissions.

Permission Type

interface Caveat {
  type: string;
  value: unknown;

interface Permission {
  invoker: string;
  parentCapability: string;
  caveats: Caveat[];


  • The invoker is a URI used to identify the source of the current dapp (e.g.
  • The term parentCapability refers to the method that is being permitted (e.g. xpll_accounts).
  • The caveats array represents the specific restrictions applied to the permitted method.
  • The type of a Caveat is a string, and the value is an arbitrary JSON value.
  • The value of a Caveat is only meaningful in the context of the type of the Caveat.

Request Permission

Request permission to access the user's accounts.

Check out the API documentation Request Permissions for details.

Get Permissions

Return all permissions that have been granted to the wallet.

Check out the API documentation for Get Permissions for details.