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Introduction to Xperience Browser Provider APIs

The Xperience Browser Provider API is a Javascript API designed to deliver a friendly developer experience and consistency across clients and applications.

Xperience Browser Extension injects a global Javascript API into the browser using the window.xpll provider object.

This API is specified by EIP-1193, which promotes wallet interoperability by preventing conflicting interfaces and behaviours between wallets.

Xperience Browser Provider API is designed to be minimal, event-driven, and agnostic of transport and RPC protocols. Its functionality is easily extended by defining new RPC methods and message event types.

Installing Xperience Browser Extension

The extension currently only works on Chrome. Chrome user can install the extension via the Chrome Web Store.

If necessary, refer to these instructions on installing Chrome extensions.


After installing the extension, I am still not able to access window.xpll in my browser or dapp.

Try refreshing the webpage and make sure the website is a valid http or https website. Restricted sites like chrome://extensions/ or about:debugging will not be able to access the injected API.

After clicking the extension icon, nothing happens.

If this is your first time setting up the wallet, a separate notification window will appear. If you are using multiple screens, check if the notification window has appeared on another screen.