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Interacting with Smart Contract

Smart contracts are computer programs that are stored on a blockchain. You need to provide some necessary information such as contract address, method name, and arguments in order to invoke method of the contract.

Retrieve Contract Address

After you deploy the contract in a transaction, you should receive the contract address together with transaction hash. If you want to deploy contract and call method in the SAME transaction, it is possible to compute the contract address in advance.

You need to provide the account address and nonce when deploying the contract.


./pchain_client parse contract-address --address <ADDRESS> --nonce <NONCE>
./pchain_client.exe parse contract-address --address <ADDRESS> --nonce <NONCE>

Prepare Contract Method Arguments File

When you make a contract call that modifies or views state, the contract method may expect arguments. You need to provide arguments by JSON file(.json) with transaction create call or query view commands.

Example: For a contract method that accepts 3 arguments (String, Vec , boolean)

    "arguments": [
        {"argument_type": "String", "argument_value": "Yuru Camp"},
        {"argument_type": "Vec<i16>", "argument_value":"[-1, 20]"},
        {"argument_type": "bool", "argument_value": "true"}
Each object in an arguments array consists of two fields, argument_type and argument_value. Here are some acceptable types and values.

Type Description Example
i8 The 8-bit signed integer type "-128"
i16 The 16-bit signed integer type "-32768"
i32 The 32-bit signed integer type "-2147483648"
i64 The 64-bit signed integer type "-9223372036854775808"
u8 The 8-bit unsigned integer type "255"
u16 The 16-bit unsigned integer type "65535"
u32 The 32-bit unsigned integer type "4294967295"
u64 The 64-bit unsigned integer type "18446744073709551615"
String String "\"This is test string\""
bool Boolean "true" or "false"
Vec<TYPE> Array with specific type and arbitrary length "[65535,6535]" , "[true,false,true]"
[5] Array with specific length "[1,2,3,4,5]"