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Example - Contract Proxy

We will look at how the contract ContractProxy use the use_contract macro to interact with other contracts. In general, ContractProxy is a contract that serves as a middle-man to another contract My Little Pony.

There are two kinds of interaction between the two contracts:

  • calling another contract's entrypoint methods.
  • sending tokens from the balance of one contract to another contract.

To call another contract, firstly use the macro use_contract to specify the contract entrypoint methods in a trait. The address is hard-coded when using this macro. It is recommended to remove or comment out the methods that are not intended to be used.

Recall that we have a deployed contract called MyLittlePony that consists of three methods, self_introduction(), grow_up(), and change_person(). We are going to use grow_up() in ContractProxy, so we can comment out the rest of them. define a trait

use pchain_sdk::{
    use_contract, call, contract, contract_methods

pub trait MyLittlePony {
    //fn self_introduction() -> String;
    fn grow_up();
    //fn change_person(name: String, age: u32, gender_name: String, description: String);

The trait will be transformed to mod by using the macro use_contract, Calling the contract MyLittlePony can be simply calling the methods in the trait as associated functions. For example, one way of calling grow_up() is to simply do my_little_pony::grow_up(0).

After defining the trait that specifies the other contract, we start implementing the functionalities of our contract ContractProxy. use_contract macro

pub struct ContractProxy {}

impl ContractProxy {

    fn grow_up() {

The above example has shown how we can use the use_contract macro to do cross-contract calls. It is also possible to use pchain_sdk::call_untyped() to do so. We pass the contract address as an argument so that the contract address does not need to be hard-coded in the contract. pchain_sdk::call_untyped()

fn grow_up_2(address: String) {
    let contract_address = base64url::decode(address).unwrap().try_into().unwrap();
} transfer contract balance

Except by calling the entrypoint methods from MyLittlePony, we can also transfer the balance from the contract to a specific address by pchain_sdk::transfer() (see Transferring Balance).

fn send_tokens(to_address: String, value :u64){
    let contract_address = base64url::decode(to_address).unwrap().try_into().unwrap();