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Prepare Environment

In this section, you need the tools and environment to develop and run smart contracts. You can utilize our testnet to deploy and make contract calls.

Verify that the testnet is live

To verify that our testnet is live and running, please make sure that the following URLs are working:

The ParallelChain Mainnet native tokens are called TXPLL.

Testnet Explorer

You can see the status of your transactions and whether they are added to the block here - ParallelChain Testnet Explorer

The testnet explorer can explore transactions, addresses, analytics (performance of testnet), and blocks. Alternatively, you can use ParallelChain Client (called pchain_client) to interact with the testnet node.

Setup ParallelChain Client

In this section, we will configure the pchain_client executable. We will assume that pchain_client runs on both Windows and Linux/MacOs as we have guides on setting up the Light Client for these platforms.

Therefore, when you use pchain_client, the same command applies to Windows, Linux and MacOS command line interface.

See "Installation" to install pchain_client on your pc.

Generate an account and receive tokens

See Create Account

Congratulations, you have enough balance for writing and deploying a smart contract.

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