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Parameters from blockchain and transaction

Contract execution is triggered by EtoC transaction to blockchain. The contract being executed can obtain information from this transaction, and also the blockchain during execution. The information can obtained and save to the struct Transaction by instantiation.


let tx = Transaction::new();

The struct Transaction consists of fields:

name type Description
this_block_number u64 Block number of this block
prev_block_number 32 bytes Block hash of the previous block
timestamp u32 Unix timestamp
to_address 32 bytes Address of a recipient
from_address 32 bytes Address of a sender
value u64 Amount of tokens to be send to the smart contract address
transaction_hash 32 bytes Hash of a transaction's signature. The transaction hashes of other transactions included in a block are used to obtain the Merkle root hash of a block.
arguments variable-length data Transaction data as arguments to this contract call. See Input Arguments
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