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Create Account

Generate Keypair

To create an account, type the following command below:

./pchain_client crypto generate-key-pair --name <account name>
pchain_client.exe crypto generate-key-pair --name <account name>

This command generates a set of ed25519_dalek compatible keys. A keypair file in json format is generated in currect directory. These are the keys required for making transactions in the network. Keep these details in a safe place. You cannot retrieve the account details again. An example is shown below:

IMPORTANT: Keep the keys in a safe place.

Terminal Output
Public Address of your keypair is Dks4-TqCIUA_gLw6RraY2Uokl3wuXBF1_PUjSS8MwF8

You will need the keypair and public key to submit transactions within the testnet.

You can check the account balance using the account address (public key).

./pchain_client query account balance --address Dks4-TqCIUA_gLw6RraY2Uokl3wuXBF1_PUjSS8MwF8
pchain_client.exe query account balance --address Dks4-TqCIUA_gLw6RraY2Uokl3wuXBF1_PUjSS8MwF8
Terminal Output
Your value: 0

The balance of a new account is 0. Therefore, you need to request for tokens from faucet.

Request for tokens from Faucet

It is recommended to access the ParallelChain Testnet Explorer for requesting token from Faucet. You can only make a token request once every 30 minutes.

You can also use curl command to make a token request in command prompt.

curl -X POST -F 'address=<YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY>'

The faucet service submits transaction to transfer amount to the requesting address. pchain_client outputs the transaction hash as a Base64URL encoded string if success.

Terminal Output
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