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Install SDK

Install Rust

To install the required toolkits, the standard method is by rustup, which maintains dependencies and is a version manager for cargo and rustc (the rust compiler). Detailed installation instructions can be found on the official website

Setting up a Development Environment

A recommended Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is VSCode, which allows the addition of the rust plugin or rust-analyzer to type-check all of your code on save. This feature allows you to locate errors in the code easily, and the error messages displayed in the IDE are the same as when executing the cargo build command. However, any other editor that is comfortable for you can be used. However, any other editor that is comfortable for you can be used.

Install Wasm Toolchain (Optional)

ParallelChain Mainnet also provides a smart contract compilation tool called pchain-compile to compile your Rust smart contract into WASM bytecode. While not necessary, the Installation of Wasm Toolchain can help check if your code is compilable before using the time-consuming process in the use of pchain-compile.

The wasm32-unknown-unknown toolchain is required for smart contracts to compile as WASM. To add the wasm toolchain in Rust, type the command below:

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

To build your smart contract as WASM bytecode, use the command below:

cargo build --target wasm32-unknown-unknown