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Deploy Contract

This guide will walk you through the process of deploying your smart contract on ParallelChain Mainnet.

Deploying a Smart Contract

You can deploy the contract using the pchain_client command line tool. You should make sure to obtain your latest account nonce before submitting the transaction.

./pchain_client transaction create
--nonce <NONCE> \
--gas-limit <GAS_LIMIT> \
--max-base-fee-per-gas <MAX_BASE_FEE_PER_GAS> \
--priority-fee-per-gas <PRIORITY_FEE_PER_GAS> \
deploy \
--contract-code <WASM_BINARY_PATH> \
--cbi-version <CBI_VERSION> 
./pchain_client.exe transaction create `
--nonce <NONCE> `
--gas-limit <GAS_LIMIT> `
--max-base-fee-per-gas <MAX_BASE_FEE_PER_GAS> `
--priority-fee-per-gas <PRIORITY_FEE_PER_GAS> `
deploy `
--contract-code <WASM_BINARY_PATH> `
--cbi-version <CBI_VERSION> 

You can follow the instruction in Create Transaction about submiting a transaction through pchain-client.

Checking Contract in State

To verify that the smart contract is deployed correctly, you can run the command query with the flag contract. It queries the state of the blockchain and saves the wasm code as code.wasm in the current directory. If you want to store the contract file in your preferred location, you need to provide the flag destination to specify the path with your preferred file extension:

./pchain_client query contract --address <CONTRACT_ADDRESS>
./pchain_client.exe query contract --address <CONTRACT_ADDRESS>